The first thing to do is make sure that your bank supports PayID. A full list of participating institutions can be found here

If your bank supports PayID, then follow these steps to make a PayID payment:

  1. Log in to your online banking
  2. Begin making a PayID bank transfer (some banks refer to this as an Osko transfer) - this is usually found on the standard bank transfer screen for most banks
  3. Enter our email address,, into the PayID field
  4. Enter your PayID reference number, shown on the order confirmation screen, into the reference/description field
  5. Enter the amount of your order
  6. Submit the payment

Note: It is important to enter the PayID reference number and amount correctly so that we can quickly match your payment to your order. Additionally, please note that for first time payments to us, your bank may hold your payment for up to 24 hours (for security measures), however all future purchases will go through instantly).  

For instructions more specific to your banking app, please see the links below: